What’s the common thread that runs through your data?
We are a brand & analytics consultancy focused on translating market insights into value for organizations.
Removing the Nonsense

In today’s connected world, the sheer amount of data is overwhelming. To be successful, it is no longer sufficient to gather quality insights on your customers. What is needed is the ability to navigate amidst market complexity and noise. It is about extracting what really matters and communicating it in a way that is clear and compelling. It is with the support of such a foundation that strategies achieve results.

Steering the Organization

The cleverest solution falls short if it does not reach across the different layers of the organization. “Where do we go from here? How do we get there?” require simple, clear and convincing answers that live in the organization and withstand the test of time.

Connecting the Dots

At ClearVantage, with the support of a variety of research platforms and methodologies, we connect the dots. Through focus and discipline, we help our clients move their business forward. We also understand “one size fits all”, does not work. Each organization has its own rhythm and processes: we offer you the flexibility and the ability to adapt to your organization’s evolving needs.

Our focus

Brand & Corporate Equity

In today’s world, it is not sufficient to build a strong brand for your customers; how a company represents itself in the eyes of all its stakeholder community has an equally critical role in delivering sustainable value. We measure the strategic role of Brand and Reputation and their respective levers of value creation. While programs for Brand and Corporate Reputation are independent, we recognize their essential interdependency.

Brand Portfolio Optimization

When nurturing a complex brand portfolio, today’s shrinking budgets can lead to spreading available dollars thinly across many sub-brands, hoping that some will flourish. Our analytical approach determines where the equities reside within the portfolio; by identifying which areas to disinvest we arrive to an optimal solution where each sub-brand truly fulfills its role in creating demand.

Audience Strategy

The first step in a successful strategy definition is a deep understanding of your audience. Too often an organization does not invest sufficiently in understanding the target audience, what makes the product or service relevant, or when the desired positioning is not sufficiently differentiated. Our approach focuses on addressing the critical questions leveraging a variety of methodologies best suited for the task.

Brand Activation

Whether it is the launch of a new brand or of a new product strategy, we support you with a roadmap that secure an effective roll-out.

What we do

Why ClearVantage
We have 25 years experience in solving brand problems with a unique combination of research, branding expertise, business savvy and intuition.
  • A senior team who is client oriented and focused on consulting value from beginning to end.
  • In a position to leverage new processes and technologies to drive efficiency because of lack of old legacy and limited overhead.
  • Dedicated attention to details and timeliness at each step of the process: the ultimate value of the program hinges on the quality of the inputs and timeliness to drive decisions.
  • A track record of building effective brand programs that deliver sustainable and profitable growth, as well as strategic value for the organization.
Our work spans across a variety of industries and audiences on a global scale


  • Technology
  • Devices
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Home
  • Enterprise Software
  • Big Data
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Home Services
  • Healthcare
  • Non Profit
  • Luxury


  • C-Suite
  • Business Decision Makers
  • Consumer Decision Makers
  • Developers
  • Government
  • Millennials


Our leadership team

Federica Judica

Managing Director, Partner

Federica leads ClearVantage, a Brand & Analytics Consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With the benefit of over 20 years in branding strategy and market research, Federica has been helping clients across a variety of industries with a portfolio of insights, frameworks and innovative solutions that have informed strategy, positioning, brand portfolio management, and go-to-market roadmaps on an international scale. 

Prior to founding ClearVantage, Federica held multiple executive level positions at the leading brand consultancy Interbrand, as a Managing Director in San Francisco and as the Head of the Global Brand Insight Practice, as well as at Socratic Technologies, a market research consultancy. Over the course of thirteen years, Federica has also held brand strategy and research roles at Intel Corp., in the US as well as in Asia Pacific.

With a dual brand strategy and research background, both on the agency and client side, Federica is skilled at engaging and rallying organizations with a clear picture of what is required through a unique combination of research, branding expertise, business savvy, and intuition. Federica brings a track record of building effective brand programs that deliver sustainable and profitable growth, and strategic value for the organization.

Christine Gornitsky

Director of Research & Operations, Partner

Christine leads Research & Operations at ClearVantage. She is responsible for all aspects of execution of our research programs, leading a team that delivers from the beginning to the end of the engagement and ensures all aspects of the program meet rigorous quality and effectiveness standards, from research design to analysis to storytelling.

Christine works closely with clients to ensure the most effective qualitative and quantitative research techniques are leveraged to deliver against key business questions. Christine’s expertise centers on statistical and analytics tools and extends to the development and validation of a variety of brand measurement models. She is well versed in global brand tracking programs and insights activation in a variety of industries ranging from Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare and CPG.

Before ClearVantage, Christine worked at a number of agencies, including Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy and at Socratic Technologies, a market research consultancy. In her role, she consulted with clients to communicate and socialize results in a meaningful way. With a background in market research, mathematics, and literature, she enjoys merging the creative and quantitative worlds.